Clinton's Hendrix pages

Welcome to Clinton's Hendrix pages!

Hello there! I've been collecting Hendrix recordings for probably too long,
and here are my webpages on the topic.
From here, you may peruse my collection of audio and images
And when you get bored here are some pertinent pages on the topic:


Univibes Plug Your Ears Craig M Houck's Hendrix pages
Oh! Mustn't forget my favourite concerts in the order I seem to habitually
listen to them:

KB Hallen, Copenhagen 3 September 1970
Baltimore Civic Centre 13 June 1970
Boston Gardens 27 June 1970

And for a grossly enlarged scan of one of my favourite items:

Billy Cox autograph

{I screwed up whilst scanning and won't dare to take the picture from its helium case
any more ;) )